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This is insane! How long did it take you to do it?

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5/5 10/10 Smooth animation, nice style and first and foremost GOOD SOUND!

I wonder if these guys below me really didn't notice that the sound deliberately has 'bad' quality or if they just pretend to be stupid.

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I like it!

Nice weapon design, some good sound effects and lots of violence. I think you especially did a great job on the facial expressions. The characters look angry and somehow funny at the same time. Well, I think there's some stuff to improve, for example the light effect on that monitor looks rather cheap but fuck that. I don't want to think about the downsides of this now, since it's 5 in the morning here and I simply enjoyed this :)

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I love you guys! This is an amazing game. Even the soundtrack is perfect. Could listen to it all day long!


Well, I agree to almost everything ruff1298 said. The most annoying thing for me was that there was no challenge at all. Except for the boss. Until I found out how to beat the boss, I died several times. And to start from scratch while fighting the boss makes the game, all of a sudden, very difficult.

Maybe a bit late ...

but I thought I should write something, since you implemented one of my songs. Although I din't play as far yet. In which level does it appear?

Well, I totally love the whole concept. I like shooting Nazis which screwed German history forever by killing approximately 6 million jews and that stuff. The only upside is probably, that we now have the ultimate villains for games, comics, whatever. And it just never gets old. So this is great... Some of the graphics were quite compelling too. Some rather cheap, who cares...

The only real fucked up thing is I have experienced at least a dozen bugs. That's kind of demotivating, when you suddenly get stuck behind a wall or something.

However, great game anyway! Keep up the good work and stuff

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good bgm

for a nice point and click adventure or jump n run

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far better than the original

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I would never have the patience to work 110 hours on the same piece. Maybe because I know it wouldn't pay off as well as in your case. The art is great, the girl is beautiful. The only unfortunate thing about this is she seems to have some kind of romantic relationship with master chief :(

Keep it up

you are great

best pic in a while

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Love the nerd!

He once said "Das Spiel ist scheisse! Dieses Spiel fickt dich harter als das Leben!" That was cool.

I like the art by the way ^^

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Danke mein deutscher freund.

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